Things just getting worse in Honduras

The coup-government in Honduras announced more restrictions on political and civil liberties.

In a return to the bad of days of the generals and landed aristocracy the government that ousted Chavez wannabe suspended the constitution Sunday, Sept. 27.

Er, don’t the coup leaders say they were defending the constitution by getting rid of Zelaya? (See statement by U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, R-SC.)

Among those rights being affected is, of course, the free media.

The media have already been under attack by the de-facto government. Now, that harassment has been codified.

And one thing I don’t understand…

NPR is usually pretty good about covering this kind of thing. Yet I heard it first on BBC. And then a visit to the NPR website shows nothing of this.

The only mention this morning from NPR was from Buena Aires  about a statement Brazilian president Lula made at an island off Venezuela about the situation in the Brazilian embassy where Zelaya is holed up. Nothing about the suspension of the constitution.

And nothing up front on the web page.


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