CBS to team with GlobalPost

At a time when more events around the world affect the everyday lives of Americans, just about all U.S. media outlets are cutting back on their foreign coverage.

The bean counters say it is too expensive and besides, no one cares. (Surveys tell them that.)

Maybe the issue is with reduced staff the stories are not as relevant or as interesting. So people tune out. CNN still gets some pretty impressive numbers for its coverage and even that is not as great as it once was.

After being depressed about the lack of importance most U.S. media put on international coverage, I was happy to see that CBS and GlobalPost had reached an agreement to get more international reporting done for main stream media.

GlobalPost is a web-based news operation founded by former foreign correspondent Charles M. Sennott. The organization depends on stringers around the world and a full-time staff in Boston to bring news that otherwise is missedby the mainstream media.


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