G-20 and missed media opportunities

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editor Rob Owen wrote about missed opportunities during the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

He seemed to be focusing on the demonstrators and how the radio and TV stations missed opportunities to properly cover the demonstrations.

I would ask, however, where was the reporting that explained to the residents of Pittsburgh why the G-20 is important and what the local connection is.

The paper ran a story about how great it was that the world media was covering the event and thus “spreading the word about Pittsburgh” to the rest of the world. But how about spreading some information about how Main Street and the rest of the world are linked?

Pittsburgh re-invented itself thanks to globalization. Where were the stories that talk about the connections Pittsburgh companies have with the member countries of the G-20?

Talk about missed opportunities!



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2 responses to “G-20 and missed media opportunities

  1. Interesting post. I too have been trying to figure out the meaning of this week’s activity. I posted on my blog about my two day trip and how crazy things got. What does it all mean?

    • kubiske

      Good question. What does it mean?

      But that is what the journalists covering the event were supposed to answer.
      They all talked about the politics of the G-20 — moving economic center from the G-8 to the G-20 and the demonstrations — but the local reporters missed an excellent opportunity to EXPLAIN what it means to have a global economy by making the issues discussed in Pittsburgh relevant to the people of Pittsburgh.

      It seems too many in my profession focus on the trees of immediate conflict and miss the forest of context and explanation.

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