Money makes the world go ’round

Transparency International has its latest report on not only where corruption takes place but also where the bribes come from.

To no surprise, at the bottom of the 180-country list (most corrupt) are Afghanistan (176), Haiti (177), Iraq (178), Myanmar (178) and Somalia (180).

In the Western Hemisphere, Venezuela comes in at 158 — only Haiti is worse in this region.

Chile — #23 — earned praise for enacting freedom of information and whistle-blower protection laws. It is no surprise that Chile also has a strong and independent media. (Unlike Venezuela)

TI also looked at 22 countries that were rich enough to pay bribes to get things done. This list did not produce any surprises as well. In ascending order of most likely to pay bribes: Brazil, Italy, India, Mexico, China and Russia.

FYI, Canada was #9 and the USA #18 in corruption scale. Canada was the second most unlikely country to pay bribes (after Belgium) and the USA tied with France and Singapore at the #9 slot.

Read the summary of the report.

Download an English version of the nearly 500-page report.


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