Rueters: Chinese cyberattacks target media

It is hardly surprising to see what is happening.

In the past Chinese authorities — local and national — regularly hounded and harassed foreign reporters around key anniversaries. (The June 4 period was an especially buy time for the harassment hounds.)

Now instead of just cutting phone lines, doubling or tripling the number of people following reporters or otherwise physically stopping journalists from doing their jobs, the powers that be in China are apparently now attacking the computers of journalists.

Too bad that Reuters is the only one reporting this. I have not seen any reporting on this in the U.S. media.

Chinese cyberattacks target media ahead of anniversary

By Lucy Hornby

BEIJING (Reuters) – Foreign media in China have been targeted by emails laden with malicious computer software in attacks that appear to be tied to the run-up to the National Day military parade on October 1.

While spam and viral attacks are not uncommon, the latest wave is part of a pattern of increasingly sophisticated emails tailored to tempt foreign reporters, rights activists and other targets to open infected attachments.

Rest of story.


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