Taiwan and free press

Earlier I posted a piece about how the only press Taiwan is getting now is related to the typhoon and the complaints against its president for the way disaster relief was handled.

Let’s go back a few a bit and also talk about how the free press of Taiwan (a political entity that democratically elects its leaders) is barred from covering the United Nations and any of its affiliated bodies.

Seems Beijing is determined to keep Taiwan isolated so it pushed through rules for press credentials that ban ANY journalist working for a Taiwanese publication.

Yes, ANY. Not just Taiwan citizens.

If I applied, I could not get credentials to cover the U.N. for a Taiwan-based news organization.

It wasn’t until this year that the WHO relaxed its rules to allow Taiwan to observer the WHO proceedings. But as far as I know, Taiwanese journalists are still banned from covering the WHO.

Too bad we are not seeing more complaints about this from journalism groups and the mainstream media.


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