Venezuela rebuffed at Unasur, Brazil dodges responsibility

Just catching up on an old item that got me excited.

Venezuela’s proposal to regulate the media rejected at Unasur

O Estado de Sao Paulo reported back in July that a Venezuela tried to include a paragraph on the “ethical responsibility” of the mass media in the final statement of the recent round of talks by the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR in Spanish, UNASUL in Portuguese).

Brazil’s ministry of foreign affairs was alarmed by the proposal but was spared the need to actually do anything about that alarm when Uruguay and Chile spoke up.

Unanimous consent is needed for Unasur/Unasul statements.

According to Estado, the Brazilian delegation was worried that the wording of the Venezuela proposal could allow governments to shut down news outlets or otherwise restrict press freedom. (Well, “Duh!” the proposal came from Venezuela where Hugo Chavez is on a role in shutting down media outlets that don’t agree with his policies.)

Brazilians are fiercely proud of their press freedom. It is too bad that the Brazilian government was not willing to add its name and force to the principled stand of Uruguay and Chile.


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